We are an Indian non governmental organization based near Jaisalmer, in the heart of the Thar Desert.



As you may guess, life in this part of the world is not always easy. We’ve managed to survive and even prosper for thousands of years. Until now. We are dealing not only with the effects of climate change and intensive farming but also with the lost of our cultural heritage and our sustainable way of life. Our ecosystem is suffering and entire families are slowly being dragged to the edge of survival.

Permaculture to help life in the desert

That’s why we decided to start the change. We began learning and later disclosing the principles of permaculture among the villagers of the desert and the citizens of Jaisalmer, working close with those belonging to the lower casts of our society. We were able to start our own nursery to grow trees and flowers from organic seeds, as well as develop our first pilot farming station, 30 km away the city. And this is just the beginning, because every aid we get from supporters, donations and the invaluable work of volunteers allow us to grow even bigger dreams!



You can help us!

If this project makes sense for you, there is several ways to help us donate, visiting us, being a volunteer or just share it. Please, visit the page “Help us” to learn more about it.


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