Educate farmers to understand the causes of desert, man induced

01 – Excess livestock maintained on public lands in arid topic areas

02 – Removal of ground cover destruction of sapling trees by deep ploughing.

03 – Little attention now a days to drought animals such camels or mules/horses.

04 – Little understanding of the role of humans in the soil profile to retain moisture and use of area as fertilizer instead of animal manure so impoverishing soil.

05 – Continuous loss of soil and sand to water and wind erosion.

06 – The use of tractors deep plough sandy desert soil has resulted is the destruction of round cover across the whole region.

07 – Loss of ground cover of perennials has  impoverished the nutrition of livestock – result poor health due to reduced nutrition, low market value resulting.

08 – Soil structure and cohesion is severely altered by passage of heavy tractors on hill soil bresult erosion.

09 – Reduced biodiversity due to reduction of plant and tree cover, smaller pollination of seeds, crops, lower yields, less market value.

10 – Inourared wind speed due to limited tree cover – result wind erosion, high evaporation plus low precipitation.

11 – Increasingly large areas are brought under the tractor and the market value of recruiting crops is reduced because of surplus supply.

12 – No attention to breading of high yield milk goats by the government and poor knowledge of health problems by peasant pastorals. Veterinary workers are very few.

13 – Forestry department does not have serious social. Forestry activities in the region it appears through good tree nurseries stock most desert tree species in Rajasthan.


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