Jaisalmer the golden city is situated on a limestone massif and surrounded by extremely arid desert, a mecca to tourists from across the world its peaceful relaxed atmosphere economic prices and small family hotels have guaranteed an excellent holiday to visitors free from city hassle.

The Greening Jaisalmer Society is devoted to a stable quality environment has noticed the barren almost treeless landscapes, lack of parks and public amenity space safe for children to enjoy playing with parents, this is due to a lack of tree cover mainly and it is the good idea of our new organization to introduce the young and their elders to an improved natural environment thought volunteer tree planting in full cooperation with the forest department and the municipal authorities and progressive business.

Jaisalmer is at the heart of the great Thar desert and it will act as a green beacon of hope that we may reverse the worldwide decline of natural resources, by making this city and its surroundings an example of beauty and pleasant tree lined roads and parks. We look forward to cooperation with schools, the city administration and the forest department who are also doing such valuable works across Rajasthan desert.



Our actions :

The actions of our  Non Governmental Organization go mainly to 4 activities :

The first is the development of our nursery located in Jaisalmer. The protection of biodiversity is one of our main objectives, we collect and multiply our plants from organic seeds. For a year we planted hundreds of plants in our nursery. This place is also a meeting place where locals and guests can learn and share their knowledge of the nature. We create several compost systems and people are always surprised to see thousands of worms in this desert area.

The second is the launch of an ecological farm located 28 km from Jaisalmer. This project is managed by Mohan and his wife Jeti. This friendly couple welcomes every week volunteers from around the world who wish to practice agriculture based on the principles of Permaculture, including statement by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. These volunteers work a few hours a day in exchange for 3 meals and 3 daily chai. The rest of the time they can walk in this wild place, on foot or camel farm and discover the life of local people.

The third action is helping farmers in the region who wish to free themselves of modern agriculture based on monoculture and the heavy use of chemicals. We offer them assistance from the Permaculture design their site, trying to integrate various resources until the establishment of trees from our nursery. Our educational work is important to explain the profits of a transition to a more diversified agriculture less dependent on weather conditions.

The fourth mission is to sensitize population, in particularly children, about the importance of the trees on this region. The greening Jaisalmer Society is now actively promoting environmental awareness in the schools of this beautiful city in the desert. We are all aware of the scarcity of trees and water but we have an opportunity here to make a real contribution as environmental activists and volunteers to making permanent improvements to the quality of life here at Jaisalmer. With the help of our volunteers, we want help the Jaisalmer’s tree planting service with plantings our own trees along main thoroughfares about the fortress. We hope also to reach children with the importance of ecology and the save of biodiversity. We develop activities with the schools for developing schools gardens and planting trees around children’s houses.


Any help is welcome. If you have time, you are welcome on our various sites. You have the possibility to stay in our guest house next to our nursery (near Punjab National Bank, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan).
If you do not have time but want to help us in our projects, you can send us a donation at:

IFSC Code: PUNB0390500
Account No: 3905001700000876 INR

For more information, you can contact us at:
e-mail: greeningjaisalmer@gmail.com
Fb: / greeningjaisalmer
Telephone No: +91 9001234877, +91 8875546807


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